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Locust Bean Gum 500g

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Our Locust Bean Gum is a premium quality refined powder and a totally natural product, extracted from the seeds of the Carob tree. A highly versatile Vegan friendly gelling agent, stabiliser and thickener, which is used mainly as a low concentration thickener. It can also be used in dairy products, desserts, fruit products, dressings and sauces. Locust Bean Gum is a natural binder and can be used instead of flour or egg yolks. Add to frozen products such as ice cream to delay the formation of ice crystals and improve texture, or, use with Xanthan Gum to produce stable elastic gels.

Alternatively known as Carob Gum and is extracted from the Carob tree by grinding the endosperm of its seeds. Its uses are as a thickener or stabilizer and possesses water-binding properties. It disperses in cold or hot water and dissolves at >85.0°C depending on the medium and the process. It can be used in aqueous dairy or fruit media with various total solids.


  • Increase the viscosity and thickness of liquids
  • Use to create fluid heat stable gels
  • Add to frozen products to prevent ice crystals forming and to improve the texture
  • A small amount added to a recipe can prevent the leeching of liquids
  • Creates an extremely stretchy gel when blended with Xanthan Gum


How to use: Dosage Rates: 3 – 11 grams per kg. Add Locust Bean Gum gradually to your liquid / solution whilst stirring vigorously. Locust Bean is soluble cold but dissolves easier in hot liquids and will provide the highest viscosity when heated above 60°C.


Storage Conditions: Clean, dry conditions in original unopened packaging. Avoid direct sunlight and warm or damp atmospheres. Use within 6 months of opening.


Ingredients: Locust (Carob) Bean Gum E410.


Dietary Information: Suitable for Vegan's & Vegetarian's, Non GMO.


Typical Nutritional Information:

Based on typical content/100g








As fibre









Labelling according to UK & EU regulations.

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