Hickory Liquid Smoke 30ml (Highly Concentrated)

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A natural product created by turning smoke from hickory wood chips into a concentrated liquid form. Great for adding an authentic smoke taste to just about anything: sauces, meats, vegetables, drinks, the list goes on.

How to use: Dosage Rates: 0.5%-2.0% (Do not consume in its’ concentrated form).

Description: Yellow to light brown mobile liquid.

Ingredients: Liquid Smoke (Hickory Wood Chips, Water) Sunflower Oil

Dietary Information: Suitable for Coeliac, Suitable for ovo-lacto Vegetarians, Suitable for Vegans, Suitable for Halal, Suitable for Kosher


Nutritional Information g/100g:

Carbohydrate content                         <1.0

Sugar content                                      <1.0

Protein content ( N x 6.25)                 <1.0

Total Fat content                                  <1.0

Energy                                                    400 kcal

Salt                                                         <1.0

Sodium                                                  <1.0  

Storage Conditions:  Dark, dry and cool conditions, not in direct sunlight.

Ideally store in conditions between 5 – 20°C. Shelf life of 2 years. 

Labelling according to EC regulations

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